Blue Grass Irrigation, Inc.


About Us

EXPERIENCE: We've been in business since 1986 and are family-owned. We have installed hundreds of irrigation systems throughout the Cape.

RELIABILITY: Our company has continued to grow throughout the years. While information gathered by the National Irrigation Association indicates 85% of all irrigation contractors fail within their first six years of business, we are proud to say Blue Grass Irrigation, Inc. is not a statistic.

QUALITY:  We use only the highest quality products available.

SERVICE: We believe our commitment to service is what sets us above the rest. We will follow up the same day or the following day, contacting customers after hours in the evening and week ends, if necessary. Many of the calls we perform are on other contractors' systems where the original installer disappeared or failed to return. We believe service is the MOST IMPORTANT part if our business.

SUPERIOR DESIGN: Blue Grass Irrigation, Inc. is staffed by a Certified Irrigation Contractor which means he has has at least 3 years of field experience and has passed an extensive test to demonstrate his knowledge of proper system design, use and sizing of components, and system installation and maintenance. In addition  on staff is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. To be eligible he had more than one year experience, passed a written test, and passed a field test demonstrating his ability to calculate the efficiency of a lawn sprinkler and be able to make necessary adjustments to improve it. Both certifications are conducted by the Irrigation Association (, a national organization dedicated to setting industry standards promoting efficient irrigation.In addition to the initial testing, contractors must continue to take education courses every year in order to maintain their certification.




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